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Glass Piggy Banks

There is something satisfying about dropping change into a glass piggy bank and hearing the clink of the coins against the metal. It sounds like so much more than just a penny or a dime going into the glass piggy bank. Glass piggy banks have been around for ages, antique glass piggy banks and vintage glass piggy banks are a proof of that.

Antique and vintage glass piggy banks can be given as gifts to children once they are full. There are teddy bear, Snoopy Peanuts, and many color glass piggy banks to choose from if you want a glass piggy bank to start saving for your 25th wedding anniversary celebration there are large glass bronzed piggy banks.

Clear glass piggy banks allow you to see your savings accumulate. If you do get a glass piggy bank, consider how you are going to get it open once it is full. Some classic glass piggy banks don't have a place where you can open it you have to literally break into your savings.

Children's glass piggy banks and baby glass piggy banks should be kept a close eye on around the young ones in case they are tempted to dig in to their savings. No one needs an old glass piggy bank but they are nice to have around. Mini glass piggy banks are often kept in cars so you can drop loose change in it.